SCU Students Enjoy Off-Campus Educational Experiences


An important component of SCU’s mission is to empower graduates to excel and to positively impact their world. One way in which SCU fulfills this is by allowing their students to travel for practical learning experiences.

So far this year, students have visited the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, funeral homes, local and national retailers, and the Dallas Market, among other places.

SCU senior and Student Government President, Kyle Mickleburgh, who visited Dallas with the Retailing seminar class, said: “SCU continues to offer amazing opportunities for students to learn in a real-world setting. Textbooks are great learning tools, but nothing compares to getting out and experiencing concepts firsthand.”

One notable trip saw students from the Studies in Shakespeare and Introduction to English Studies classes visit the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman. The purpose of the visit was to view Shakespeare’s First Folio.

Dubbed The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare, the First Folio contains thirty-six Shakespeare plays; eighteen of which would likely have been lost if they were not printed in this format. William Shakespeare was the first playwright to have his books printed in this format, so this work has great historical importance.

“The First Folio’s visit to Oklahoma perfectly coincided with the Studies in Shakespeare class, so this opportunity was too good to miss,” professor Shelley Groves explained. “The students have developed a greater appreciation for the works of the great playwright as a result of this trip.”

As SCU continues to grow, who knows where our students will venture next?


Pictured above: The SCU Retailing seminar class outside Tiffany & Co. in the Galleria Shopping Mall, Dallas.