SCU Announces New Scholarship Initiative


Southwestern Christian University recently announced the kickoff of a new scholarship program that will significantly benefit qualified students.

The ‘First Step” scholarship is a $1000 tuition award designed to benefit first-time undergraduate students at SCU who have been selected or nominated by a ‘friend’ of the University. These scholarships may be awarded by supporting denomination IPHC pastors, alumni, faculty, staff, or current students. The new program is intended to provide financial assistance to students who are interested in attending a four-year, Christ-centered, liberal arts institution. Recipients must meet first-time student admission criteria.

“We are excited that the new program ‘empowers’ our constituents to become active ambassadors for the University,” according to Dr. Ed Huckeby, SCU President. “It enables our graduates, faculty, staff, students and denominational ministers to provide personal and tangible incentives for students to attend Southwestern Christian University.” Individuals awarding “First Step” certificates are asked to notify the SCU Admissions department when an award is presented to a prospective student. The award form may be accessed from the SCU website at

The new scholarship program was first announced at the IPHC Council of Bishops meeting held recently in Oklahoma City. Anyone interested in more information about the “First Step” scholarship may go to the University website at or contact the SCU Admissions Office at 405-789-7661.