Academic Advising

Advising Schedule
To ensure you stay on track for graduating on time, plan to meet with your advisor at least once each semester, especially during preregistration periods during your designate time frame. For traditional undergraduate students, preregistration dates are posted on the General Calendar and will be communicated by email from the registrar to traditional undergraduate students.

Degree Program Requirements to Discuss with Advisor
Degree requirements for all academic programs can be found in the catalog. Students will be required to finish the degree requirements specified in the catalog under which they enroll in their degree program. Therefore, students who change majors or who are readmitted after a semester of non-attendance might be required to finish additional degree requirements, meaning total credit hours required might exceed the number specified in the degree program of the current catalog.

Academic Catalogs from 2007 to present can be found at Any degree programs prior to 2007 can be found in the Office of the Registrar.

List of Advisors
The list of advisors below is arranged by degree program. If your degree program is not listed on the sheet below, please feel free contact the Office of the Registrar: