Adrian Hinkle

Name: Adrian Hinkle

Title/Position: Dean, School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Biblical Literature/Old Testament Literature

Year Hired: 2004

Ph.D. (Candidate) Theology, University of Wales, Trinity St. David
M.A. Theology, Southern Nazarene University, 2004
B.S. Biblical Studies, Southwestern Christian University, 2002

Professional Organizations and Affiliations:
Member American Academy of Religion (2011- )
Member Society for Pentecostal Studies (2011- )
Member Society of Biblical Literature (2009- )
Chapter Representative Theta Alpha Kappa Honor Society (2008- )
Board Member IPHC Heartland Conference Women’s
Ministry (2001-2004)
Board Member/Treasurer Church Planting and Revitalization (CPR
Institute) (2000-2005)

Area/s of Specialty: Old Testament Literature, Biblical Interpretation

Courses Taught:
BIBL 6403 Old Testament
BIBL 6213 Biblical Interpretation
BIBL 1403 Old Testament History and Literature
BIBL 3113 Life of Christ
BIBL 3213 Romans
BIBL 3223 Hermeneutics
BIBL 3313 Wisdom Literature
BIBL 3323 Psalms
BIBL 3423 History of Israel
BIBL 4013 Major Prophets
BIBL 4123 Prison Epistles
CHED 3112 Bible Teaching Methods
ENGL 2343 Classics in Christian Literature
ICST 2803 Comparative Religions
LIL 1001 Information Literacy
PHIL 2113 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2113 Critical Thinking
PMIN 4442 Church Polity
PSYC 2003 Effective Learning Strategies
THEO 2103 Christian Beliefs
YMIN 3453 Foundations of Youth Ministry
YMIN 4013 Youth Program Development
YMIN 4213 Youth Relationship Skills
THEO 5103 Theological Foundations for Ministry

Office Location: Roberson 110A

Campus Phone Number: (405) 789-7661 

Email Address:

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 2-4pm (additional times posted outside office door)

Research Interests: Old Testament Literature: Pentateuch and Deuteronomistic History

Publications and Professional Presentations:

 Hinkle, Adrian. “Pedagogical Theory of the Hebrew Bible: An Application of

Educational Theory to Biblical Texts.” Paper Presentation, Society for Pentecostal Studies, accepted for March 2015 annual meeting.

_____. “Led by the Spirit: A Perspective on Pentecostal Hermeneutics.” Paper
Presentation, Society for Pentecostal Studies, March 2014.

_____."IPHC Prayerfully Values Scripture."7 Core Values.FranklinSprings, GA: LifeSprings, 2013

_____. “Pedagogy of Deuteronomy.” Paper Presentation, Society for Pentecostal

Studies, accepted for March 2013 annual meeting.

_____. “Academic Student Engagement.” Paper Presentation, Society of Biblical
Literature, November 2012.

_____. “Sex from the Pulpit: A Declaration from Song of Solomon.” Paper Presentation,
Society for Pentecostal Studies, February 2011.

_____. “Review of Dale Martin, ‘Pedagogy of the Bible: An Analysis and Proposal’”.
Journal of Biblical and Pneumatological Research. Fall 2010, Vol. 2.

_____. “The Engaged Classroom.” Paper Presentation, Christian Adult Higher Education
Association, Oklahoma City, OK, July 29, 2010.

_____ . “Review of Paul Elbert, ‘Pastoral Letter to Theo: An Introduction to
Interpretation and Women’s Ministries.’” Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies.
July 2009, Vol 12, Num. 2.

_____ . “Review of Letter to Theo.” Pneuma Review. Winter 2009, Vol. 12, Num. 1.

_____ . (2005) Life in the Fast Lane, Eight week Bible study series for women. Published
with IPHC Women’s Ministries.

Mission/Passion: Dedicated to creating a stimulating and enriching learning environment
to provide students with a solid educational foundation

Favorite Bible Verse: Romans 12:9

Personal Interests: Scrapbooking, Gardening, and Outdoor Adventures (camping, hiking,
fishing, etc.)

Hometown: Kingfisher, OK