Advisor's Responsibilities

Academic Advisor's Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Advisor

a. Know the students being advised and have access to an up-to-date file containing each student's appropriate records.
b. Provide students with correct up-to-date academic information about University, college, and departmental graduation requirements for the student's selected degree program.
c. Know each student well enough to be aware of individual academic or educational needs and know how these needs affect the student's educational career goals. (Use “Advisement Record Log”)
d. Assist the student in the development of a course of study, including the selection of electives, which reflects the student's academic background, course prerequisites, and educational goals.
e. Provide the student with information about alternatives, limitations, and possible consequences of academic decisions.
f. Refer students to available campus resources to meet individual needs.
g. Encourage students to review with their instructors their progress toward a degree to assure early detection of problems.
h. Review, verify, and sign the relevant forms required for pre-enrollment, add/drop, and other forms as required.
i. Hold established hours for advisement appointments and encourage a minimum of at least two meetings per semester.