Room Assignments

Rooms and roommates will not be assigned until a housing application and a non-refundable room fee are received.

 When a student is assigned a room, the student is responsible for completing a Check In/Out Form and having it approved and signed by the Resident Director before moving into the residence hall.

 Existing conditions of the room are listed on the Check In/Out form. If damages occur to the room during occupancy, the occupant(s) assigned to the room are assessed damage repair or replacement and cleaning costs.

 When a student leaves at the end of a school term, the room (including bathroom) must be cleaned, with bureau drawers and closets empty. The student must return the room key to the Resident Director and pass inspection by one of the university representatives or Resident Director. Failure to check out properly with the appropriate university personnel may result in the student being assessed checkout charges. Another room fee may be required before a future room reservation or assignment will be made. 

 Students must remove their personal property when vacating the residence hall at the close of a school term. The university is not responsible for items left in the residence hall. Students are encouraged to purchase renter’s insurance.

For more information regarding housing rules and regulations, please see the Student Handbook.