Arthur Speaks at Boston International School

Having been in the audience for the first two days of the trip watching Southwestern Christian University President Dr. Reggies Wenyika speak, it was coach Mark Arthur's turn to address the crowd at the Boston International School. 

Arthur is a popular figure in Colombia, and the people are always excited to see him speak. Throughout his speech, more people came into the room and the school was quickly running out of spare seats. 

One student stated, "Dr Wenyika may be the president of your university, but Coach Arthur is the president here!" 

Coach Arthur’s message would be aimed at the physical education department as he spoke about the three dimensions of coaching an athlete: physical, mental, and spiritual. Arthur also had a chance to share his own story, and he recalled the first time God spoke to him about leading a mission trip to Colombia. 

Coach also spoke fervently about some of the past mission trips he had led, and he recalled watching his athletes give their testimony as one of the greatest fulfillments of his career.  

Touching on what President Wenyika had said in his speech, Coach Arthur also implemented how important a coach/teacher is in a student/athlete’s life. He preached about the importance of identifying how everyone is unique, and educators will need to adapt to the needs of their students and step into their lives to help address a problem. He specified how a student should be a reflection of the teacher, and preparing them for life after school is more important than preparing them for a certain test or exam.

Speaking to SCU student-athletes, if you haven't yet been to Colombia, the mission trip SCU offers should be on your list of things to do. The traffic is horrendous. The water isn't clean. The majority of the buildings aren't finished, and the humidity is almost unbearable. However, the people are wonderful, the food is delicious, and the love for God is powerful. President Wenyika and Coach Arthur are providing students a fantastic opportunity to travel and make a significant impact on someone’s life. In the words of President Wenyika, “be of service to someone” and help bring God to those in need of hearing His word. 

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