Legacy Award Named for former SCU Board of Regents Chairman


Southwestern Christian University has been blessed with an exceptional leadership team that tirelessly works to help the University grow spiritually and physically into a Christ-centered learning institution. Their efforts are succeeding in presenting SCU as a competitive choice in today’s ever-growing world of higher education.During this process of renewal, however, the institution remains dedicated to the importance of remembering the initial structures and moldings – the foundation that SCU was built upon.

Thankfully, there are those who help keep these foundational principles and fundamental mission in the forefront. One particular man has such a heart and dedication to the Lord. As a result of his benevolent attitude, he has given a lifetime of service in his ministry that has helped keep SCU such a spiritual place throughout the years, leaving a legacy to Southwestern Christian that will not be forgotten for years to come.

That is why SCU, after creating the first Legacy Award to be presented annually to an inspirational leader who embraces the core values of the university, aptly named Dr. Dan Beller the first recipient, as well as named the award for him – the Dan Beller Legacy Award.

Accompanied by his family, Dr. Beller attended the 56th annual Feast of Ingathering held during SCU’s Alumni and Friends’ weekend Nov. 11-12. Before an estimated audience of 200, SCU President, Dr. Ed Huckeby, and Secretary of the Board of Regents, Randall Drake, presented the award to Dr. Beller. The award is an acrylic trophy in the shape of a flame, symbolizing a "torch of legacy" which is passed on from generation to generation.

Dr. Beller, former Chairman of the SCU Board of Regents, has had a highly regarded ministerial career that includes working in the pastoral, evangelistic, and denominational fields. He also served as the first conference Chrsitian Education Director and Assistant Superintendent of the IPHC’s New Horizons Ministries, as well as the IPHC General Christian Education Board and General Executive Board. He has served as chairman of the IPHC Polity Committee two different times and has authored a book.

The primary intention of the Legacy Award is to honor an individual whose ministry and service to the Kingdom of God will weave itself into the inner workings of the entire population - the present-day disciples of ministry - at Southwestern Christian University for generations to come. SCU is proud to recognize Dr. Beller as the inaugural recipient of the annual Dan Beller Legacy Award.

"I am pleased to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Board of Regents in the planning this special award in honor of Dr. Beller,” said Dr. Ed Huckeby, President of Southwestern Christian University. “He is an iconic figure in both the IPHC and at Southwestern Christian University. The Dan Beller Legacy Award provides the University an opportunity in the future to recognize individuals who have had a significant impact on the institution, just as Dr. Beller has."