BBA Degree Plan

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree provides all graduates with a well rounded knowledge base of the fundamental principles of business.  The degree is composed of two sections, Core Courses and a Concentration.  These dual components provide students with a solid business foundation while still allowing the opportunity to specialize within a specific discipline. 



Business Core Courses

The business core is divided into Lower Division and Upper Division coursework.  The content and design of the core courses are such that those courses in the Lower Division should be completed before taking courses in the Upper Division.


Lower Division (18 hours)

BUS 2443 Introduction to Business

BUS 2113 Business Communications

ACCT 2113 Accounting 1

ACCT 2133 Accounting 2

ECON 2103 Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 2203 Principles of Macroeconomics


Upper Division (21 hours)

BUS 3213 Principles of Management

BUS 3443 Principles of Marketing    

BUS 3243 Business Finance          

BUS 3113 Business Law

PSY 3143 Research Methods & Statistics

MGT 3253 Management Science         

BUS 4113 Strategic Management


Business Concentration Courses (15 to 18 hours)

Students can pursue a specialized course of study in of the following concentrations.  Each concentration has been developed so that any student will have a broad knowledge base as it pertains to their specific discipline.  Concentration courses should be taking after a student has completed the Lower Division Core Courses. 


Management -- 15 Credit Hours

Marketing -- 18 Credit Hours

Finance -- 15 Credit Hours

Non-Profit Administration -- 15 Credit Hours

International Business -- 15 Credit Hours

Business (Generalist) -- 15 Credit Hours


(Students are expected to complete all other degree plan requirements included successful completion of general education and religious literacy requirements.  The Bachelor of Business Administration is a 128 credit hour degree.)