Business Administration


The Business Administration Program is designed to prepare students for Christian leadership roles in the business community, emphasizing knowledge, logical reasoning, communication, diversity, and Biblically ethical values.


The mission of the SCU Business Administration Program is to equip students with the education to excel in their chosen area of business and to positively influence their business network for Jesus Christ.

The objectives of the Business Administration program: 

  • Enable students to know and understand fundamental business theory and application in the areas of management, marketing, accounting, economics and finance.
  • Provide students with practical, marketable business competencies that are applicable to their professional career and/or to graduate studies
  • Enable students to recognize the importance of interpersonal communication, multi-cultural diversity and community involvement as they pertain to business relationships
  • Encourage each student to develop a lifestyle behavior, specifically in the business environment, that is rooted in Christian ethical values
  • Develop students who, through diligent study and application, are well-rounded spiritually, socially, and professionally.


Department of Business Administration Head is Professor Linda Garrett, PH.D