SCU Change/Declare a Major Form

This form is to be used for all students to declare a major who entered SCU undecided on a major/degree program or for students who would like to change majors/degree programs. Students must select a major within the program type in which they are enrolled. Incorrectly marked forms will be discarded, and the student will be notified to resubmit a form.

Please note: changes in majors/degree programs after progress has been made in a different major/degree program may result in additional coursework requirements in either General Education or the degree program selected. Students who change majors will be required to meet degree requirements specified in the catalog in effect at the time of the major change. 

Advisors and/or department heads or program directors for the new major will be contacted by the SCU Office of the Registrar to approve the change/declaration of major. If the change is not approved, the student will be contacted by SCU assigned email account.

Please allow up to 10 business days for the change to be reflected in the student portal and/or to be informed of the disapproved change.

For questions about the change of major, please contact the registrar's office by email: