Computer Lab/ Portal/ Email

Computer Lab:

To assist students in their primary task on campus, SCU provides a computer lab of computers with a printer/copier to assist in research, typing papers, and preparing for classes.

The Joy Watson Computer Lab is located adjacent to the SCU Library & Information Center in the Springer Building.  Problems with the computers and/or printer-copier should be reported to the Library staff or

Currently,  there are eight (8) computer stations in the lab, augmented when necessary by the Libary Search Stations, which also have word processing and printer access when needed. These computers are Microsoft Windows based and have word processing program, spreadsheet program, and Internet access. 

We do not support MAC computers.  Students using MAC equipment or Open Office programs are required to save documents with a ".doc" extension and email it to your school email account or a USB flash drive for printing.

The Rules of the Computer Lab are in place to maintain the integrity of the equipment, furnishings, and appearance:

-No food in the computer lab beyond simple snacks without crumbs.  Crumbs attract mice and insects which can nibble on the crumbs and cords!

-No drinks in the lab unless they have a lid.   Spills can be an electrical fire hazard.

-No downloads of programs are permitted on our system to protect it from viruses and malacious software.

-Customers should not attempt to change wallpapers, etc.

-Customers should delete temp downloads of papers from the computer after they have downloaded and printed the paper.

-At the end of each semester ALL student papers, photos, etc. will be DELETED.

-Customers should be aware of the hours of the lab and honor those hours.

-Customers are encouraged to conserve paper whenever possible. Ask the Library staff on ways to conserve paper.

-Customers are asked to please clean up after themselves.  Leaving the room untidy, trash-filled, or otherwise out of order may require a curtailing of access to the facility. We want the space to be available and inviting for other students.

SCU School Email Account:  A university email account is provided to you as a student of SCU (powered by google) due to Federal regulatins which require ALL contact with students and faculty be on official email systems.

SCU Student Portal: The "Portal" is a learning management system which allows students to access information about many aspects of the school life (from the business office to the classrom assignments and grades). It is necessary for all students to use the portal and keep their passwords and log information in a safe place for future use.