Don’t mess with this lot of men and women. They come from the fiercest group of people ever known. They were trained in horse riding as well as infantry fighting skills; They are just as tough if not tougher on foot than on horseback. This lot got their name from taking down dragons in the past years. Now that there are no dragons, they look to take out all other opponents. They have never turned down a challenge, nor will they ever.

Dragoons Team Roster

Sponsor: Taylor Drake and Robert Lenk

Captains: Jessica Gannaway and Andrew Johnson


Ashlie Prim

Brittany Shannon

Cecil Rhodes IV

Dallas Burns

Dalton Miller

Ebony Tucker

Ethan Sellers

Greyling Conner

Hunter Chapa

Jazmine Koerner

Jonathen Harley

Justin Neatherlan

Kimberly Downs

Kimberly Riedmann

Luke Cottage

Paige Washington

Parris Hoskins

Quemari Boyd

Ricky Organ

Rebekah Willis

Samuel Taylor

Tyler Mitchell

Zachery Gonzales

Zack Sherrill