Education Program Overview

PUBLIC NOTICE:  Southwestern Christian University, School of Education and Sport Studies, Department of Education will be having an on-site state accreditation visit on November 15 - 18, 2016.  The purpose of this notice is to inform the public and extend an invitation to participate in the accreditation process.  Please contact Dr. Dana Owens-DeLong at for more information.



  Come to the CROSS! 

Are you ready to be a part of one of an exciting new program at SCU that leads to a career as a professional educator? The Education Department invites you to come to the CROSS. The Education Department is home to the Teacher Education Program which has recently been approved by the Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (formerly the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation). The graduate emerging from the SCU teacher education program is:

  •  CARING for every student and the belief that all can learn
  •  REFLECTIVE on professional and personal practice
  •  SERVICE-guided as a model of Christian character through leadership and  involvement
  •  SCHOLARSHIP-minded in the pursuit of life-long learning

 The essence of our Christian mission is supported by a strong commitment to preparing competent, caring, reflective, and qualified educators. SCU emphasizes the integration of subject matter, clinical experiences, and pedagogical knowledge as demonstrated by caring actions, service in the field, and teaching skills. We believe the teacher is the orchestrator of the learning environment and has the responsibility to create a positive atmosphere for all students. This is reached through specific themes designed to provide a unique educational experience at SCU. The SCU teacher education program seeks to prepare effective educators who are caring, reflective, service-guided, and scholarship-minded throughout their professional careers as they facilitate learning and model Christ.

SCU’s teacher education program strives to ensure that teacher candidates develop a strong foundation in the liberal arts, a sound knowledge of their discipline, and an understanding of how students learn and develop. Teacher candidates are encouraged to explore, reflect, analyze, and think critically as they develop curriculum and appropriate assessment procedures with awareness of different learning styles and as they strive to create a positive classroom environment that facilitates learning and partnerships with the home, school, and community through a reasonable mastery of communication skills. In order to establish these expectations for our program, the SCU Teacher Education Council voted to adopt the InTASC Standards. Based on research and a solid knowledge base the InTASC Standards will serve as the practical application for our SCU Conceptual Framework.

So if you feel this is a path you want to pursue:

  1. Determine your eligibility – SCU has certain requirements for being admitted to the Teacher Education program. Click here to view the requirements.
  2. Complete and submit an application.
  3. If you do not meet all of the admission requirements but feel there are valid reasons why an exception should be made to allow you to enroll in restricted classes, please submit a letter of appeal along with your application. The appeal letter should be addressed to the Teacher Education Council.

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