Email Instructions

SCU provides its students access to faculty, staff, and friends through a special email. The link is in the upper right hand of the webpage.

Instructions: (If you are loggining in the email from

Click on "Email" (on the top right corner of the web page) On the log-in page the protocol is:
firstname. lastname [note; the is not needed on this form]
password is default scunewuser

Once you have logged in you may go to the upper right corner and select 'settings' to change your password and to forward this email account to another one.

Note: Federal laws require we use a school account to communicate with all enrolled students, staff, and employees. As a result, it is crucial you use this account or forward it to one you do use often. All notices, announcements, etc. will be sent through this means.

If you are logging into the SCU email through you will need to put your entire email address in the username field. []
Default password is the same as above.

Need help?

Contact the IT Director or for basic questions please contact the Library Director .