Final “Author In Town” Event Scheduled for April 28th

The final event in the "An Author In Town" series will be Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 3 p.m. in the campus library at Southwestern Christian University. Authors at the event will be giving short presentations about their work, how they write, and what inspires them. Questions will be welcome from the audience and all attendees can purchase books and get author signatures.

Anne Urne, author of The Communion of Saints and other books.
About the book
: From the pure luxury of a transatlantic cruise to a ride through the U.S. heartland in a Cadillac and zipping through the Channel from Paris to London to a rollicking good time in Las Vegas, follow these two reunited cousins on a whirlwind of adventures with saints along for the ride. You’ll laugh and cry and laugh again as you tag along on a grand adventure. Did she really kidnap a priest? Beside the adventures and misadventures, the constant synchronicity and amazing good luck in the midst of disasters related to Anne’s saints is astonishing. This book is a tribute to Anne’s spiritual inspirations especially St. Therese of Lisieux.

T.J. Standridge, author of the children’s book Melanie Marie Mary Mowry and the Sugar Plum Fairies.
About the book
: When Melanie Marie Mary Mowry hears that her school is putting on a production of The Nutcracker, she just has to have the lead role. She can't stop thinking about all the attention she'll get and all the fun she'll have. She can't imagine anything better. But Melanie soon learns that her best friend, Jo Jo, also wants to play the lead. Jo Jo loves to dance and sing and act, and she's been in plays since she was a little girl. Melanie knows how much playing the lead in The Nutcracker would mean to Jo Jo. As auditions get closer and closer, Melanie is torn about what to do. Should she go for the part she wants and risk ruining Jo Jo's chances at the lead? Or is there some other part that she'll like even better? In Melanie Marie Mary Mowry and the Sugar Plum Fairies, Terri Standridge tells a fun, engaging story about the power of prayer and God's Word. Melanie finds herself in a fix, and with some guidance from her family and friends, she learns just where to look for help.

Art Anthony, author of Sulphur River
About the book
: As the Civil War draws to a close, the desperate Confederate army drafts fifteen-year-old Art Logging in place of his dying father. Sulphur River follows Art and his friend Darrell Stroud through their service in the Red River campaign and into their journey to make men of themselves. Art's keen eye for business opportunities in the midst of a crumbling nation and Darrell's resourceful support could set both boys up for a comfortable life in Northeast Texas. If only it were that simple. Art and Darrell aren't the only ones looking to take advantage of chaos in the South in the mid-1860s. They must navigate their cotton, cattle, and horses around Confederate deserters, a crooked lawyer, and their own passions to reach the markets where they are most likely to make a profit. The boys find natural allies among neighboring farmers and a few unnatural allies in escaped slaves, Indians, and even Union soldiers. Author Art Anthony has loaded Sulphur River with research into the history, culture, and economics of the eastern edge of the Old West. Those interested in Civil War history or pioneer stories will especially appreciate the adventures of Art Logging.

This is an excellent opportunity to hear how these authors were inspired, how they create their stories, and pick up autographed copies of their books!