Health Initiative Winner Given Top Award


SCU Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Reggies Wenyika (right) congratulates SCU Theology Professor Terry Tramel for winning the campus-wide, weight-loss challenge.

Southwestern Christian University leaders recognized the winner of a campus-wide health initiative designed to advance the well being of the entire SCU community through a weight loss challenge.

A total of 20 SCU staff and faculty members participated in the six-week contest that measured percentage of body weight loss over that span. The total drop in weight was 78 pounds, with two participants losing 10 or more pounds.

Dr. Terry Tramel, Theology Professor, was the overall winner shedding nearly eight percent of his original weight. Second place was Admissions Assistant Sheri Sherrill and third place was Admissions Director Joe Blackwell.

“Everyone who participated in this effort in one way or another benefitted in some way,” said Dr. Reggies Wenykia, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “We know that making healthy choices can make a big difference when it comes to someone’s overall well-being, and we’re encouraging people to take advantage of the many resources and support we have in place.”

Wenyika said the popularity of the event and through the encouragement of others that another health initiative is expected to be launched again this summer. Details will be sent out via E-mail and posted on the SCU website at