Health Services

Many of the major medical facilities of Oklahoma City are located in the northwest part of the city. For your convenience only, we have listed below several hospitals and medical facilities within minutes of the SCU campus. SCU assumes no liability, financial or otherwise, for the student’s use of these facilities.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 405.789.7661.



Baptist Medical Center                                                 Deaconness Hospital

3300 N.W. Expressway                                               5501 N. Portland Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK                                                     Oklahoma City, OK 

(405) 949-3011                                                           (405) 604-4000


Medical Centers:

First Med Urgent Care

4510 NW 39th Expressway

Oklahoma City, OK

(405) 495-5841


For information regarding dangerous medication interactions or recalled medical devices, please contact your local pharmacist or physician. You can also visit for drug recall news, recent FDA approvals, drug interactions, side effects, and current developments in the medical field.