Hinkle Receives Ph.D. in Theology

Adrian Hinkle, professor of theology and missions at Southwestern Christian University, recently received her  Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Wales.

Her dissertation entitled “Pedagogical Theory of the Hebrew Bible: An Application of Educational Theory to Biblical Texts,” is the foremost research directly related to the presumption that the writers and editors of the Old Testament purposefully included and emphasized examples of pedagogy for religious instruction.

Additionally, these pedagogical features align with the current VARK conceptual framework of Neil Fleming.Fleming posits that students learn best when teaching methods match their learning styles. Fleming’s identified learning styles are Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic (VARK)

In lay terms, Dr. Hinkle proved that Old Testament writers and editors observed and identified weaknesses in their religious identity, and incorporated methods to their teaching practices in order to instruct future generations. According to Hinkle, pivotal actions, religious experiences, and Yahweh’s self-disclosures are documented throughout the Old Testament by various means of visual and kinesthetic objects including festivals, monuments, and named locations.

Hinkle has been a full-time professor at Southwestern Christian for 10 years. Her focus has been on Biblical literature, primarily the Old Testament. She has been published and provided professional presentations on a variety of biblical studies throughout her career and is a sought-after speaker on the Old Testament scriptures.

A 2002 graduate of SCU, Hinkle went on to receive her master’s degree in theology from Southern Nazarene.

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