Honor Society

Theta Alpha Kappa /Alpha Iota Zeta

This honor society was started at Manhattan College in 1976 for the purpose of recognizing the academic achievements of religion and theology students.

Since then, Theta Alpha Kappa has grown to more than two hundred chapters nationally in four-year educational institutions ranging from small religiously affiliated colleges to large public research institutions.

It is the only national honor society dedicated to recognizing academic excellence in students and in scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology.

B. Alpha Iota Zeta

The chapter name here at SCU is Alpha Iota Zeta. It was established in October 2007. We believe this year’s inaugural ceremony will begin a long history of honor given to the students of Southwestern Christian University.

This society is the first honor society offered to traditional undergraduate students on the campus of SCU. This society focuses on three aspects that are spelled out in the chapter’s acronym.

The Alpha represents the Greek word agathos. This word means the “thing that which is good.” It may also be translated as “kindness” or “goodness.”

The Iota represents the Greek word isopsuchos. (ee-sop'-soo-khos) This word means “likeminded” or “kindred spirit.”

The final letter, Zeta, represents the Greek word zeteo. This word means to “inquire, seek, deliberate, and strive.”

The Alpha Iota Zeta chapter will therefore be a society that that demonstrates “that which is good” as we “strive” for excellence in academics and our pursuit of God in a “likeminded” spirit.


1) Nomination by Faculty in the Theology/Mission Department

2) 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies and/or Theology

3) 3.0 GPA overall (Residency, ranking, and unit requirements must be met)

Membership Requirements

• Local Chapter Fees and Dues
o Induction Fees for all New Members $25.00
o Annual (voluntary) “Active” Membership Dues $20.00
o Annual Chapter Dues
 Small Institutions (Enrollment less than 1,700) $50.00
 Medium Institutions (Enrollment between 1,700 and 4,000) $75.00
 Large Institutions (Enrollment over 4,000) $100.00
o New Chapter Charter Fee $150.00
• Types and Criteria for Membership
o Chapter
 Grant the baccalaureate or higher degree
 Accredited by appropriate regional accrediting agencies
 Have sufficient coursework in Religious and/or Theological Studies
 To be considered in good standing must pay annual chapter dues
o Individual
 Undergraduate Students
• Completed at least 3 semesters
• Completed a minimum of 12 semester credits in courses representing Religious Studies or Theological Studies
• Attained an GPA of at least 3.5 in those courses
• Attained a GPA of at least 3.0 in entire academic program
• Be in top 35% of class in their general scholarship
 Graduate/ Professional Students
• Matriculated in programs of Religious or Theological Studies
• Completed at least one half of the residency requirements for their current degree program at SCU’s chapter of TAK
• Attained a GPA of at least 3.5
 Honorary inductees/members
• Those holding faculty rank for at least one semester in Religion or Theological Studies at SCU
• Others who are deemed to have established a record of excellence in their own right, and showed support and encouragement of these academic disciplines

o Permanent
 Local and national recognition of one’s excellence in Religious and/or Theological Studies, with the related right to indicated that on curricula vitae, applications, and résumé’s
 The right to attend and vote at the Annual Meeting of the TAK and run for office on the board
 Sense of community
 There are no on-going dues associated with permanent membership

o Active
 Automatically bestowed from induction through the next fiscal year July 1-June 30
 Is dependent on the payment of dues
 Includes benefits of permanent status with
• Free subscription to the Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa
• Satisfaction of supporting the work of TAK