Information Security

Information Security

Southwestern Christian University utilizes the following tools to maintain information security and the protection of student data through the University's Information Technology Office.

  • Untangle NG Firewall for network control and content filtering.
  • Kaspersky Anti-virus to protect all network servers and workstations from viruses, malware and adware.
  • Carbonite for remote backup and restoration of data.
  • Servers, workstations, email accounts and student portals are password protected.

Student data is managed through Comprehensive Academic Management System Enterprise Academic ERP (CAMS) software utilizing a secure, single shared Microsoft SQL database. Access to CAMS is controlled by the assignment of a unique password to each user, and user rights are assigned by IT to personnel on a need-to-know basis on approval of the administrator of the information. All users of CAMS must view a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) notice which is displayed upon login. Users must agree to the FERPA statement to access information. 

Campus computers are protected from downloading or updating programs without administrative override to prevent unintentional virus download or hacker software.

Faculty and staff are trained in FERPA regulations upon hiring and annually thereafter. SCU FERPA for faculty and staff is posted on this website at FERPA Info for Employees.

Breach/Violation Notifications

The University's breach notification procedures are in place to ensure that University community members and stakeholders are informed when there is a breach in the security of confidential or personally identifiable information.

Following the discovery of an information security breach or FERPA violation in which there is a likelihood that confidential or personally identifiable information has been viewed or taken without authorization, the following measures will be taken.

Information Security Breach

The Information Technology Office will notify any and all parties potentially affected by the breach. The IT Office will take any reasonable and necessary measures to correct the breach as soon as is feasibly possible.

If the breach is found to be due to criminal activity, a report will be filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency and with the Office of Student Affairs. This activity will be recorded in the annual crime report.

FERPA Violation

The Registrar is the FERPA officer at SCU. Any possible FERPA violations should be reported to the Office of the Registrar with a detailed description of the violation and the steps taken to rectify the unauthorized disclosure. The student's right to file a FERPA complaint is communicated annually by email, in the student handbook and in academic catalogs.