How it all started

Long ago in an office guarded there was a secret gathering of Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies. This was the council of Intramurals. These talks lasted for a year before the council would create these games. Games that would bring competition like no other. They would gather the school’s most fierce warriors together to form teams of great magnitude. These warriors had many different talents and strengths. Some were more athletic than others, and some had a better mental game. Games have been held since 2003 with no intention of stopping. One team leads all others in championships, the Underdogs. Will your team be the next to take the championship?

Winner’s standings from the beginning

Dragoons:          2003-2004       2006-2007

Underdogs:        2004-2005       2005-2006            2007-2008            2008-2009

Penguins:           2010-2011

Red Barons:       2011-2012

Mongrels:           2012-2013