Jedidiah Ministry Gets Boost from SCU Students, Staff

Southwestern Christian University gave the Jedidiah ministry a considerable boost with the combined help of more than 70 students, staff and faculty to help the Christian ministry.

Cindi Cary, SCU Business Professor and Jedidah Founder, helped coordinate the efforts school officials and students. Cary said a total of 73 people with SCU-related ties have volunteered their time and efforts to aid and offer restoration to motherless children in family crisis.

Working through Jedidiah, volunteers donated their time in a wide range of activities including after school mentoring programs, music lessons, sports lessons, Christmas shopping and as Pen Pal writers to name just a few.

Danyelle Speight, Principal at Oklahoma City’s Hilldale Elementary school, has seen first-hand the impact that the Jedidiah program and SCU’s involvement with it has made at her school.

“The young women and men from Jedidiah have come to our school, and turned around the lives of our children,” Speight said. “They spend one-on-one time with our students without mothers and provide them with much needed hope, care and love.  Unfortunately this is missing from the lives of many of our students.”

Many students at Speight’s school come from low-income families. More than 97% of the students qualify for free or a reduced-lunch through a federal government program.

“Jedidiah has transformed many lives of struggling students.  Before they entered our school we had several kids getting sent to the office, missing lots of school, and performing poorly academically,” Speight said. “The relationships that our partners from Jedidiah have provided have turned around the lives of those students.  Previously we saw anger and despair.  Now we see joy and purpose.  We can give the full credit for this transformation to our volunteers from Jedidiah. “

To learn about Jedidiah and its mentoring efforts, persons are encouraged to contact Cary at 405-789-3430 or email her directly at