Jonathan Bland

Name: Jonathan Bland

Title/Position: Part-time Faculty

Discipline: Bible/Theology

Year Hired: 2010

Education: B.S., Biblical Studies, Southwestern Christian University, 2010
                   M.A., Theology, Southern Nazarene University, 2012

Professional Organizations and Affiliations: Member: Society of Biblical Literature / Member: The Oklahoma Institute for Biblical Literacy Foundation / Member: Theta Alpha Kappa / Fellow: Logos Fellowship

Area/s of Specialty: Old Testament History and Theology (Davidic Narratives)

Courses Taught: BIBL 1113 Introduction to Bible, BIBL 1403 Old Testament History and Lit, BIBL 1413 New Testament History and Lit, BIBL 3203 Life of Christ, BIBL 3243 History of Israel, BIBL 4013 Major Prophets, THEO 3303 Christian Theology, THEO 3913 Biblical Discipleship

Office Location: Cabin 3

Campus Phone Number: (405) 789-7661 ext 3545

Email Address:

Office Hours: M/W 9-12, 245-4 ; T/Th 1-4

Research Interests: Biblical Language and Textual Study

Mission/Passion: My desire is to engage, educate, and infill students with a passion for the Bible and the truth that it teaches.

Favorite Bible Verse: Luke 24: 44-45

Personal Interests: Music Performance, Theatre, Film, Golf

Hometown: Jacksonville, NC