Ken Young

Name: Ken L. Young

Title/Position: Professor, Theology/Missions

Year Hired: 1997

Th.D, Biblical Theology, Golden West Christian College, (Candidate)
M.A.T.S., New Testament (Greek), Columbia Theological Seminary (1991)
B.A., Religion, Furman University, (1985)

Professional Organizations and Affiliations:
Licensed (1985) and Ordained (1987), International Pentecostal Holiness Church
Society of Biblical Literature
Society of Pentecostal Studies

Area/s of Specialty: New Testament Greek; Theology; Pentecostalism

Courses Taught:
ABIB 3123 Life & Leadership of David
ABIB 4613 Pastoral Epistles
ATHE 3313 Christian Theology
ATHE 4113 Adult Faith Development
BIBL 1413 New Testament History & Literature
BIBL 2423 Life & Teachings of Jesus
BIBL 3213 Romans
BIBL 3433 Inerrancy & Authority of Scripture
BIBL 4023 Minor Prophets
BIBL 4043 Hebrews
BIBL 4113 Luke-Acts
BIBL 4123 Prison Epistles
BIBL 6793 New Testament Textual Criticism
BIBL 6863 Exegetical Methods
GRK 3113 Elementary NT Greek I
GRK 3213 Elementary NT Greek II
GRK 3313 Principles of Exegesis (Textual Criticism and Philippians)
GRK 4223 NT Greek: Gospel of John
GRK 5443 Intermediate NT Greek I
GRK 5663 Intermediate NT Greek II
HIST 3133 History of Pentecostalism
LPHI 2113 Christianity & Western Thought
PHIL 2003 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2013 Christian Social Ethics
PMIN 3223 Spiritual Formation
THEO 3313 Systematic Theology I
THEO 3323 Systematic Theology II
THEO 3513 Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
THEO 3913 Biblical Discipleship

Office Location: Cabin 2, West End

Campus Phone Number: (405) 789-7661, ext. 3435.

Email Address:

Office Hours: Varies; Monday-Thursday, 2:15-3:30 p.m.; Friday, 8:00-Noon & 1:00-3:30 p.m.

Research Interests: Textual Criticism; Gospel of John; Biblical Archaeology; Jonathan Edwards

Publications and Professional Presentations:
Young, Ken L. “Analysis of Pentecostal Mission Strategy.” In Mosaic: Papers in Honor of Noel Brooks (1914-2006), 98-119. Norman, OK: Whorl Books, 2012.

Young, Ken L. “Investing in the City: Paul and Rome as a Paradigm.” In Mosaic: Papers in Honor of Noel Brooks (1914-2006), 25-48. Norman, OK: Whorl Books, 2012.

Mission/Passion: To serve in a college, university, or seminary as a servant leader and teacher where my experiences and abilities may be utilized collectively with others in order to assist both colleagues and students in discovering, developing, and deploying their individual and communal gifts to Christ’s Church and his world.

Favorite Bible Verse: John 12:24 and Romans 8:28

Personal Interests: College Football, Soccer, and Basketball; Chess; Swimming; Appalachian Mountains; Music: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Black Gospel, and Southern Gospel

Hometown: Greenwood, SC