KEPE Club Brightens Family's Christmas

The Christmas of a local family became considerably brighter thanks to the love and kind-heartedness of members of the Southwestern Christian University’s Kinesiology, Exercise and Physical Education (KEPE) Club.

The group, led by Sport Management professor Kristen Gregory, showered a young family from Bethany who had fallen on hard times with gifts, games, laughter and love during the group’s meeting on Dec. 8.

“It was a very successful event,” Gregory said. “I am truly grateful for the hard work, volunteerism, and participation of the students, faculty and staff involved in making this club and its efforts a success thus far,”

KEPE raises the majority of its money through running the concession stand at SCU basketball games and other events.

Officers for the first-year organization are as follows: President: Hillary Bennett;
Vice President: Jeanierose Brooks; and Secretary: Alli Williams.