Leadership Expert Speaks to Faculty, Staff

Members of Southwestern Christian University’s faculty and staff had a unique opportunity to learn from one of  the nation’s premier personal and leadership speakers during the university’s annual in-service program on campus last week.

John Stanko brought his message titled “The Price of Leadership” to the group in an engaging 90-minute lecture. Together Stanko and faculty and staff discussed methods and cases consistent with higher education and the mission of SCU.

Stanko, who has more than 40 years of experience as a leadership consultant and an author of 15 books, spoke about the characteristics of leadership. “Good leaders need to be more than just gifted, diligent, skilled and charismatic. More importantly, they must absolutely have a servant’s heart,” he said.

Stanko was brought to the SCU campus by President Dr. Reggies Wenyika. The two longtime friends met while Stanko was in Wenyika’s native Zimbabwe doing missionary work nearly 20 years ago.

“It was great to have John here on campus,” Wenyika said. “He really helped provided some critical points necessary that we can learn from. We are always looking for ways to equip are faculty and staff with many of the tools and skills so that we can continue to grow SCU forward in the future.”

All those in attendance received a complimentary copy of Stanko’s new book, The Price of Leadership – The Price You Must Pay to be a Great Leader. The book is an expanded edition of his popular So Many Leaders, So Little Leadership published in 2000.