Ministry Internship

Dear Student:

Southwestern Christian University provides an internship course for undergraduate students that prepares you for Christian ministry. This Internship Program is a supervised activity in a local church or related agency that takes place apart from the campus of SCU. It includes work involving direct contact and interaction with people, helping them to meet their spiritual needs.

During the course you will develop a wide variety of skills related to the field of Christian ministry. You will be able to integrate and test the theological knowledge already acquired in the classroom and personal study. You will also minister to a variety of persons in an array of settings who possess a number of diverse needs.

Additionally, you will receive feedback from supervisors about your growth and development in this professional arena. Finally, you will practice a disciplined approach to ministry that will serve you well in other areas of your life.

It is our joy and privilege to partner with you in this internship effort. We want you to know that internship is not preparation for ministry, it is ministry.