This pack tasted victory this past year.  Now nothing will satisfy their hunger but victory. This pack counts strongly on each other and their bond has never been broken. They will scratch, claw, and bite their way to victory. They are dedicated to each other, and always stay in the pack when they are challenged. They will never back down, nor will they give up until they have won. When they are together they are impossible to break.

Mongrels Team Roster

Sponsor: Sandy Schmidt and Darrick Matthews

Captains: Rebecca Ford and Trevor Doctorman


Alex Erway

Brandon Dubose

Callie Davis

Chelsea Smith

Claudia Spearman

Cory Montgomery

Faith Mincher

Genesis Obadiah

Jacob Gillespie

Johnluke Wiggins

Jonathan Kelly

Jordon Quinn Whipky

Jordyn Flynn

Joseph Morales

Justin Parks

Keon Parker

Matthew Driggers

Nickolas Treleaven

Quincy McDowell

Samantha Cleveland

Terrance Berry

Tori Wallar

Tyler Stukey

Vivian Burns

Zonly Looman