Applying to be an RA


The resident assistant application process is conducted each year during the spring semester.  Any student with a minimum of 2.5 grade point average and in good financial and academic standing with the university may apply.  Students are required to be junior or senior status (exceptions can be made by the VPSA and RD).  Students interested in assisting college students are encouraged to apply.


The current application includes one page for personal information and a reference page.  The VPSA and Resident Director also require that each applicant submit a resume with their application.  Applicants will be asked to sign up for an interview at the time they submit their application.  Interviews are conducted by the Resident Director and VPSA.


The Resident Director will interview each applicant.  Once the first round of interviews are complete, the Resident Director and Vice President for Student Affairs will conduct a second round of interviews.  Final selections will be made by the Resident Director and VPSA based upon qualifications and needs within the resident halls.  Student that are chosen to serve are made aware of their selections by the RD. 

In a rare situation where a Resident Assistant vacates the position in the middle of the school year, the position will be filled as quickly as possible.  In this case, all applicants will apply  in the normal fashion. 

For more details, we strongly encourage you to visit with an RA or the RD.  The Office of Resident Life welcomes the opportunity to visit with you about this exciting on-campus leadership opportunity.  For more information, please contact the Resident Director or call 405.789.7661.