They are rough and tough. They have never given up. They will never back down from a fight. They are bandits that will steal the victory from you right when you think you have it. They are wanted for their desire to win, and they will to do anything it takes to bring home the championship. They are strong and prepared to do whatever it takes in order to win. They are to be feared.

Outlaws Team Roster

Sponsor: David Wiggins

Captains: Shelby Lancin and Dylan Fife

Team - Numbers

Abigail Fails

Andrew Hardwick

Ariel Stilwell

Brandon Laskowsky

Brandon Patterson

Caitlyn Lester

Chloe Wright

 Christopher Johnson

Cullen Bennett

Danielle Everett

Duncan Wade

Dustin Minter

Elizabeth Craig

Gregory Johns

Jake Hooper

Jasmine Elder

Joshua Robinson

Kaelin Higgins

Madeline Sanderson

Reginald Sloan

Romello Rinehart

Tashianna Wisby

Thaddeus Davis

Zac Owen