Professor Shares Basketball Story on TV

Southwestern Christian University professor and renowned college coach Dr. Jim Poteet was invited to share  his knowledge about his favorite sport, basketball, on a nationally-televised broadcast and then agree to recorded a five-part video series during his recent trip to Australia.

Poteet, who is one of the leading experts in basketball, spoke to Leonard King, who serves as the Director of Basketball at Queensland’s Higher Performance Center, about his general thoughts on coaching and the future of the sport in the educational video series.

Poteet has made dozens of trips across the globe was making his sixth trip to Australia this summer. Earlier this year he was inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame and is a sought-out speaker who for basketball clinics, camps and conventions across the globe. His first visit to Australia was as a player on a basketball team.

Basketball Queensland is known for delivering competitions, development programs and high-level governance to the more than 26,000 basketball players, coaches and officials and administrators across Queensland. The organization is headquartered at Brisbane and stretches across the whole state encompassing regional areas from North Queensland to Mount Isa and right through to the Gold Coast and Southern Downs.

In the video series, Poteet praised the fundamentals being taught to the Australian youth and went on to say that kids in the United States could benefit with similar instruction and less about showmanship. He then was asked to explain some of the basic characterizations of players from around the world and the many different countries he has observed and the explosion of the sport across the globe.

Poteet concluded the video series with his thoughts on the challenges of coaching youth basketball today and the increase of what he terms “helicopter parents.” Those types of parents who often unknowingly obstruct coaches in their teaching with their interference or comments made to their sons or daughter.

For the nationally broadcast feature, Henry Malos of NAT Chat, Australia’s public access television channel, set down for a 20-minute-long conversation with Poteet. The professor explained his connection with Australia basketball. In addition, he spoke on the rapid growth of youth basketball throughout the country and the importance for them to have proper instruction as they grow and their character develops.

Here is the Direct Link to the NAT Chat Video (23:36) Click Here

Below are the links to the Five-Part Video Series.