Professor Accepted into Graduate School

Southwestern Christian University English professor Allison Canfield has been approved for additionalgraduate studies in the prestigious Anthropology Department at the University of Oklahoma.

While completing her work for a second master’s degree and a future Ph.D. at OU, Canfield will continue her fulltime duties at SCU where she teaches English Composition I and II, Intro to Literature, Creative Writing and American Literature.

A native of West Virginia, Canfield has a bachelor’s degree from Glenville State (WV) and a master’s in English from Marshal (WV). She is completing her second full year as a professor at SCU.

OU’s Anthropology program is the only kind in the state with its major focus on the study of South American and Native American nations and peoples. There are three concentrations within the program - medical/biological, archeological, and Canfield’s choice of study, sociocultural/linguistic.
Canfield said her focus will study the Appalachian sound and its identity. Her research will determine the connections between how the identity of the Appalachian region and mountains are influenced by or defined by itssound.

“I hope to find my niche in dialectology and ethnomusicology. I will research things like dialect, bluegrass and folk music, as well as story-telling,” Canfield said. “Another route I may take later is to bridge a gap of identity between Appalachian bluegrass music and midwest-American bluegrass music by defining their connections and histories.”

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