Professors to Present Teaching Practices

Two faculty members of Southwestern Christian University have been invited to present proposals for an  Adaptive Learning Summit sponsored by Virginia State University.

Dr. Linda Breslin, professor of language arts, and Kristen Gregory, professor of sports studies-kinesiology, will be doing a 45-minute virtual presentation on March 13.

The LearnSmart Summit is designed by textbook giant McGraw-Hill to maximize productivity and efficiency in learning. LearnSmartis known to create high impact study sessions and is proven to improve grades and student outcomes. Both Gregory and Breslin use the LearnSmart program in their courses at SCU.

The joint project is called “Onion Core: Breaking through layers to engage core success in all disciplines.”

“My philosophy and approach to teaching has evolved and is that an onion has a core (a learning foundation) onto which layers (of information) are applied,” Gregory said. “Because passions vary, as do the layers, teachers must simplify lessons by providingdirected readings, focused lectures, and application opportunities that highlight the core.“

Gregory said the session is based on implementing adaptive learning so that students are not only willing to work, but enjoy the work.Participants will learn the importance of comprehensively incorporating a variety of adaptive tools(such as labs, reading, quizzes, interactive exercises and Revealed 2.0)and how to implement the multiple LearnSmart learning resources simultaneously to engage students and generate higher levels of retention.

Gregory is in her second year at SCU where she teaches in the Sport Studies-Kinesiology Department. A graduate of East Central University and obtained her master’s degree from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Breslin is in her third year at SCU where she teaches in the Language Arts Department. A graduate of Cedar Crest College, Breslin obtained both her master’s and her Ph.D. from Lehigh University.