Red Barons

Red Barons

They were founded by none other than Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the original red baron. They have received the same training in flight combat. They have victories in many different battle fields. They are fearless when it comes to combat, and have shot down their enemy wherever they have met them to be victorious. They are fit for combat and they will not surrender. They will fight to the last man.

Red Barons Team Roster

Sponsors: Susan Andruss and Brad Davis

Captains: Emily Bedford and Garrison Hamilton


Aaron Witten

Ashtin Battista

Austin Ortega

Bailey Jones

Charity Robinson

Chase Schlebech

Connor Murphy

Daniel Allen

Derrick Tatum

Elizabeth Jones

Gabriel West

Garryt Bryant

Hallie Taylor

Irish Smith

Jackie Hubbard

Joshua Heathman

Ja’Mai Mack

Kirill Kibisov

Nathan Perry

Shamane Glover

Tyler Martin

Tiffany Ward

Zackary Graham

Zack Ybanes