Religious Studies Minor

A distinctive of the curriculum at Southwestern Christian University is that as a Christian liberal arts institution of higher learning we value religious literacy.

Every four-year student is required to take a block of courses, Religious Literacy Core, designed to :

  • Enhance their understanding of biblical literature (Old and New Testament),
  • Become skilled in use of the Bible (Biblical Hermeneutics), enrich their personal spiritual development (Biblical Discipleship), and
  • Gain understanding, as well as appreciation of, the global Pentecostal movement (Pentecostal History).

This 18 credit hour block comprises a minor in Religious Studies. Every baccalaureate student – no matter what their major – will leave the university with this strong core unit of study to support the missional goal of the university to shape people who will go out and influence their world for Jesus Christ.


For Associate of Arts students, they are required to take 12 hours of Religious Literacy Courses.