Residential Life Mission Statement

SCU Residential Life Mission Statement

Southwestern Christian University Residential Life staff is focused on students' needs equipping our residents assistants and resident chaplains to assist in enhancing the the overall educational experience as well as the growth of the total person (spiritual, intellectual, social, physical) within our residence halls.  SCU's resident staff provide an enviornment in which the principles and values of Christian living are cultivated and encouraged. 

SCU's Residential Life Mission centers around the following committments:

  • Provide the opportunity for spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development through on campus programs.
  • Maintain a clean and healthy living environment through administration of building maintenance and housekeeping.
  • Assist resident assistants and resident chaplains in developing the skills necessary to provide servant leadership to the SCU resident community.
  • Establish relationships with students which encourage growth through redemptive discipline and personal accountability and responsibility.
  • Encourage teamwork within the Residential Life Staff as a whole through a shared committment to our students and our university.