SCU Continues Work with Colombian School

When traveling to a foreign country, language barriers can be a problem. However, a couple of things that do translate are love and faith. Colombia is a testament to this notion, and its people do a great job of welcoming visitors to their beautiful country.

Southwestern Christian University President Dr. Reggies Wenyika and Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics Mark Arthur's first port of call was the Boston International School in Barranquilla. This school educates children from as early as one (in their nursery) right through to graduation at the age of sixteen. The school has grown tremendously since being established in 2002, when it began with just 80 students. 

Boston now boasts numbers of 1,160 students and they have plans to expand in the near future. The school puts a great emphasis on learning English as a second language, and it was encouraging to see how confident the children were with learning a new language.

Two Boston graduates have been blessed with a chance to study at SCU thanks to the relationships formed between the two schools. Also, last May, an SCU graduate served as an English teacher at the Boston school for three months before accepting a job back in Oklahoma City. 

Arthur has been leading mission trips to this school, and others in the area, for the last five years with an emphasis on faith and sports. SCU students-athlete help put on sports clinics and lead worship ceremonies over a ten-day period, and they also have the opportunity to give their testimony.

SCU student-athletes will get the chance to join Dr. Wenyika and Arthur on the next mission trip to Colombia which will take place in May, 2017. 

Arthur states, “It is amazing to see our students interacting with the children here in Colombia and I am yet to have a student who hasn’t returned to Oklahoma with a full heart!”

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