SCU Issues Preliminary Statement on Student's Dismissal

General University Statement:

Southwestern Christian University is a Christ-centered liberal arts institution which strives through its curricula and extra-curricular programs to equip students for a life of learning, leadership, faith and service.  Throughout its history, SCU has offered and continues to offer educational programs to students of many various and diverse backgrounds. However, the university is firmly committed to the basic doctrines of the Judeo-Christian heritage.  Such doctrines are both common and fairly consistent among private, Christian Universities. At the same time, SCU has a theological and educational foundation that is unique to the heritage of its sponsoring denomination, the International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

Making the informed choice to attend SCU means that students accept a responsibility to our guiding principles and our SCU Lifestyle Covenant. Before enrollment is complete, students knowingly choose to abide by such principles and the SCU Lifestyle Covenant and agree to the same in a very clear and conspicuous written statement. Otherwise, they are free to choose to attend one of the numerous other universities which may be more in harmony with their beliefs and/or lifestyles.  The core principals of the SCU Lifestyle Covenant address essentially all aspects of the students’ life on campus including their spiritual life, intellectual pursuits, care for and treatment of their physical bodies, respect for and treatment of other students and faculty, and a number of behavioral matters. Our students and faculty overwhelmingly agree that these principles and the SCU Lifestyle Covenant together provide an atmosphere highly conducive to a successful college learning experience as well as a campus which is a fun, safe and uplifting place in which to live, learn and grow.

Southwestern Christian University upholds and enforces these guiding principles and our SCU Lifestyle Covenant as fairly and consistently as possible given the widely varying circumstances which may arise in any given situation. The University follows a written disciplinary policy with some infractions providing for immediate expulsion as well as with lesser infractions providing for a whole range of disciplinary measures with accompanying warnings, provisions for hearings, and provisions for appeals in some circumstances. In application of its rules, principles and the Lifestyle Covenant, SCU does not unlawfully discriminate in any manner.

As an educational institution, Southwestern Christian University upholds the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. We comply with the federal laws that governs release of and access to student education records.  Therefore, without a release executed by the student we cannot comment on any particular student’s complaints or issues.

Any inquiries should be directed to the Office of the Provost at