SCU Opens New Music Facility

By Tyler Moss

Southwestern Christian University’s Creative Arts Department took another major step in program development recently as they opened the doors to a new music facility on campus. 

The new building houses several faculty offices, as well as a classroom, and large rehearsal hall that doubles as a second classroom. In addition, the creative arts facility also houses four practice rooms where students can put in extra time sharpening their vocal and instrumental skills. The added space provides the opportunity for musical groups to rehearse at nearly anytime without interfering with other campus activities or classes. The new rehearsal hall also cuts down on a lot of added time and effort that was once committed to tearing down staging to prepare for other groups to use the auditorium.

SCU currently has four ensembles – Chapel Band, One Voice, Chorale and Pep Band – and while the Chorale still rehearses in the auditorium, the other groups now have a full practice area.

David Roman, head of the Creative Arts Department at SCU, says the space has given students additional freedom to use their extra time developing their skills.

“It warms my heart to hear students in the practice rooms using that space outside of normal rehearsal times,” Roman said. “Daily, students are in there playing the pianos, blowing horns or vocalizing. And that’s not just good for those students – their roommates are happy they have a place to go, too.”

As is the case with any project of this size, there were plenty of people and groups playing key roles in the acquisition and preparation of the new building.

“Jeff Patterson did an incredible job of clearing out and cleaning up the facility on short notice,” Roman said. “Brenda Philips was instrumental in helping the school secure the building, and the Wallace Company transformed the space into its totally different look and feel.”

While the new facility has allowed the creative arts department to make huge strides in its development, in no way does its completion signal a stopping point. Roman added that the department wants to grow its technology, graphics and drama offerings in the next few years, which will most likely require additional space.