SCU Professor Competes at National Senior Games

Southwestern Christian University Professor, Associate Athletic Director, and Assistant Basketball Coach Dr. Jim Poteet has another title when he is not on campus, and it's one worth bragging about. Dr. Jim Poteet is not just an employee at SCU who was once an amazing basketball player. He is not “that one guy” that tells stories about when he used to play basketball. He still plays.

The physical education and sport management professor has a few more years under his belt than the rest of the faculty and administration at the University, but that doesn’t stop him from competing. On Friday, June 17th, Poteet and seven other guys, all above the age of 65, left for the National Senior Games Basketball Tournament at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Poteet’s team, Oklahoma West, will play their way through the four-day tournament with hopes of bringing another medal home with them this year.

The National Senior Games holds the three-on-three basketball tournament every other year, and Poteet and his team have managed two final-eight appearances since first competing in 1997. This year, the Oklahoma West squad is going up against 16 other teams in the 65-69 age bracket. Teams from all over the United States travel to compete in this tournament, but the Oklahoma West is the lone Oklahoma squad.

Basketball is not the only sport going on at these games as there are over 20 different events taking place over the span of a week. Archery, Badminton, Bowling, Softball, Golf, and Cycling are just a handful of the other sporting events that senior citizens can compete in for a medal.

Even though his college years are gone, Dr. Poteet is still able to brag to his players that he can get out there and work just as hard as they do to play basketball, the sport he loves.