SCU Professor Named to Top Educators List

Southwestern Christian University is proud to announce that Shelley Groves has been named one of the 2013 Top 20 Women Professors in Oklahoma.

Groves, who serves as the Dean of Arts and Sciences, as well as the Head of the Language Arts program, just wrapped up her eighth year at SCU. She says that while she was honored to be named to the list, the news really caught her by surprise.

“I was shocked,” Groves said. “I had no idea how they found me or that I was even being considered for it, but it was a very nice surprise when they contacted me. It really is an honor and I think it speaks very well of our university.”

Ever since receiving her Bachelor’s degree from Evangel University in Springfield, Mo. in 1992, Groves has been involved in education. She spent several years teaching in the classrooms of public schools and also served in administrative roles along the way, all while furthering her own education. She received her Master’s degree in Education from Southern Nazarene University, her Master’s in English from the University of Central Oklahoma, and is now in the process of pursuing her PhD in Instructional Leadership in Academic Curriculum from the University of Oklahoma.

With an obvious understanding of what it takes to maximize the learning experience, Groves says she approaches each semester with the goal of reaching each individual in her classroom rather than just teaching to a group.

“My main thing each semester is just trying to connect with each individual student so that I can meet their specific needs,” Groves said. “By building those individual relationships I am able to understand what I can do for them to help them to succeed as students, and as professionals after they finish school.”

While most would view this is a personal honor, Groves sees it as a tremendous opportunity for the school she has served for the better part of a decade.

“I think it is awesome for SCU,” Groves said. “We are a growing school and while our athletic programs have had success and been able to draw attention to the university, things like this can help us to point to the academic side and make it known that we are very good school and we are striving to be world-class, academically.”

The list is compiled by, in conjunction with its partner website and seeks to find post-secondary educators who had been recognized recently for excellence in the classroom, on campus and in the community.

“Our goal with the Top Professors project is to recognize some of Oklahoma’s stand-out educators and mentors,” said Wes Ricketts, Vice President and General Manager of “When our site visitors expressed deep interest in learning about the people who make the state’s colleges and universities truly tick, we were honored to oblige.”

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