SCU Students Head to Haiti

For college students all over the United States, spring break means a break from school to go skiing, go to the beach, or just kick back and relax in the midst of a vigorous semester filled with homework and tests. For ten students at Southwestern Christian University, however, spring break will mean an opportunity to lend a hand to people in a poverty stricken country that has been crushed by Mother Nature and disease.

Partnering with a Pentecostal Holiness missions organization known as The Awakening, Southwestern Christian University students Layce Beesley, Kristin Brown, Dreama Bryant, Claudia Matallana, Cassie Fletcher, Sarah Foster, Brittney Virtue, Geordy Kanelopoulos, Trey Lambert, and Jamin Bishop will depart for Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Friday, March 11th for a week full of mission work. The group plans to help build new projects as well as lend a hand with the street level ministries.

Southwestern Christian University Vice President for Student Development Dr. Jeff Keeney and Max and Jessica Barosso will act as sponsors on the week long endeavor, and Dr. Keeney could not be more complimentary of the ensemble that will be there to represent SCU.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our students at Southwestern Christian University to demonstrate the love of Christ,” stated Dr. Keeney. “The selflessness these students are showing to give up their spring break to help others in need is very admirable. These students definitely have a servant’s heart.”