SCU Students Take Part in MTV's Challenge Day

A group of eight students at Southwestern Christian University recently had the chance to participate in Challenge Day at Putnam City High School on Monday, September 19th.

Challenge Day is a program sponsored by MTV that targets youth, challenging them to show love and compassion to each other instead of hatred and animosity. Students participating in Challenge Day take part in several dynamic role-playing activities throughout the day. The exercises are designed to help students develop rapport and empathy with their classmates, discover things about them they may have never known before, and bring them closer together by helping them realize they have more in common with each other that what they might think.

Andrew Hamm, Erica Halley, JC Camp, Naomi Beckman, Seth Nix, Glenn Irwin, Hannah Daniel, and Holly Cox all represented SCU in the event.

Director of Alumni Relations Jessie Burpo participated as a sponsor and returned to SCU with reports of what a great success the opportunity was.

“Our students were able to really minister to hurting teens,” reported Burpo. “Doors were opened for them to hear the Gospel and Christ’s love was shown without the teens even realizing why our kind of love was different. We really appreciate the opportunity to serve our community and share with them the love of Christ and our love for them.”