SCU to host 2014 Convergence Career Fair April 9

Southwestern Christian University is partnering with local, national and regional organizations to create the 2014 Convergence Career Fair. This event is an opportunity for SCU students to interface with employers looking for the best talent the school has to offer.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014 – 2 -4 p.m.


North Dorm Conference Center

Who is coming?

Hertz, University of Oklahoma College of Liberal Studies, Allstate, Southwestern College Professional Studies, IPHC Chaplains, Freedom Church in Piedmont, Chick Fil A, United States Air Force, Swadleys, Hillside Pentecostal Church of God, Randall Drake, Jedidiah, Pizza Hut, Department of Human Services, Randy Graham, Family Video, DeVry University, Edward Jones, U.S. Military, Tammi Young Therapy, Children’s Center, Herbalife, FedEx, UCO Graduate Program, MidAmerica Christian University Graduate Program, MetroShoe Warehouse

Who's looking for what?

Recruiters will be looking for professional, poised students and graduates to fill full- and part-time positions, co-op positions, and internships. The career fair is also a great time to explore and discuss career options with recruiters.

What should I bring?

Bring copies of your current resume to distribute to recruiters..

How should I dress?

Business professional is required (Business suits, slacks with shirt and tie, pants or skirt outfits, dresses).

Will I get an interview?

Generally, the career fair provides an initial contact with an organization. Formal interviews may be scheduled at a later date.

How do I make the most of a job fair?

Effective preparation and communication are key in ensuring your career fair success. Research the participating companies and schools you are interested in prior to the event. Learn about them, their available positions, and what they are looking for in candidates. If you really want to go beyond the average, prepare a list of questions to ask those specific companies.

What should I do after the job fair?

Follow up by sending a thank you note a day or two later. Recruiters will meet dozens of people, so make sure they don't forget you. This is not only polite but it also lets the representative know you paid attention, are serious about the job, and are the right person.

All SCU seniors are required to attend, but the event is open to all students including graduate school. Special seminar classes will be held Wednesday, March 26th from 3-6 pm in the North Dorm. It will give students tips about how to dress for the event, how to answer interview questions, and how to construct their resume.

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