SCU to Host History and Christian Thought Forum

By Tyler Moss

Officials at Southwestern Christian University are excited for the opportunity to host the History and Christian Thought Forum on the campus of SCU this Friday, April 12th.

Reverend Steve Hendrix, who is serving as co-chair to the event along with SCU’s own Dr. Reggies Wenyika, says that while the forum will cover a variety of specific topics, the encompassing purpose is to explore the connection between civic compassion and Christian tradition.

“Dr. Wenyika and I are excited for attendees to be able to explore how our ideas of what we call ‘ministry’ can be focused in settings outside of church,” Hendrix said. “We are going to be thinking through those type of actions and notions and how they relate to present and future policies.”

Forum participants will be able to attend a variety of seminars and lectures, then have the opportunity to discuss those in a roundtable setting. The event will feature speakers from a variety of institutions and organizations, including SCU, Southern Nazarene University, Youth for Christ, The Salvation Army, Love OKC and Jedidiah Enterprises, Inc.

“The reason we are doing this forum is because we would like to see students really consider some of these issues and the practicality in making a difference in existing systems that aren’t necessarily in the church,” Hendrix said. “We are excited to see students get that opportunity and we are excited to host an event like this on the campus of SCU.”

The forum, which will be held in SCU’s Conference Center, is open to all SCU students and will also host students from several other surrounding colleges. Registration opens at 8 a.m. Friday morning and the invocation will begin at 8:30 a.m.