SCU's Wellness Center Opens to Students

By Tyler Moss

Southwestern Christian University’s Pickens-Springer Gymnasium got a major facelift recently with the addition of a brand new campus wellness center.

The new addition, which opened in January, will go a long way in furthering the strength and conditioning regimens of SCU’s athletic programs. It includes a much welcomed wellness room with multiple cardio machines, as well as weight machines.

The expansion also houses a new athletic training room that triples the size of the training area in the previous facility. In addition to a whirlpool, treadmill and stationary bicycle, this area also houses ultrasound and electrical stimulation machines, as well as a greater number of treatment and taping tables.

SCU Athletic Director, Mark Arthur, says that the addition of the new facility will allow the school’s athletic programs to raise their level of competitiveness.

"The wellness center is something we really needed in order to compete on the national level in the NAIA and the Sooner Athletic Conference,” SCU Athletic Director Mark Arthur said. “It also gives us a place where the everyday student can work out as well."

As Arthur points out, the athletes aren’t the only ones that stand to benefit from the new center, either. In addition to serving as a workout facility for SCU students, it will also be the site of an educational lab for students in the Kinesiology tract of the Sports Management major.

The second floor of the facility contains six coaches’ offices, added bleacher space and the largest classroom on the SCU campus.