Contents of the Resource Room

1. Items referenced in the self-study, such as documents and websites.

2. Items that support the self-study. These would be items not actually included as part of the self-study, but would serve more as appendix.

3. Items required by NCA.


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Ongoing Self-Study

Documentation gathered for this self-study will be preserved as part of an ongoing self-study process. The materials will helpchart past activity, identify ongoing research, data collection, and records to assist in maintaining quality institutional development and progress.

Self-Study Resource Room

Welcome to the Self-study resource room. This room is designed as a one-stop repository of information and a guide for ongoing archival and assessment records.

Forms and Documents

A template for document evidence can be found below.

The self-study is a campus wide effort involving every department and staff member. Evidence for the self-study is gathered from many sources, departments, and years. They are a part of the institution's ongoing efforts at assessment and improvement. They generally will fall into the following categories:

Supplementary Evidences (general suggestions for contents) :  

1.  Alumni  Events

     a. News articles. Misc.

     b. Achievements/Honors

     c. Projects

2.   Assessment

      a. Assessments of student learning (tests, diagnostic tools, etc.)

      b. Assessment Tools of teacher instruction

      c. End-of-Year Reports 

3.   Academics

      a. Program checklists

      b. Degree checks

      c. Academic policies

      d. Course proposal form

      e. Departments and programs

      f. Master Academic Plan

      g. Institutianal Instructional Goals

      h.  Program inventory and/or review

      i.  Faculty credentials, resumes, job descriptions

      j. Syllabi

4.   Budget/ Finance/HR

      a. Finance reports (Audits, Balances, End-of-Year)

      b. Financial aid

      c. HR policies / reports / forms /misc.

5.   Faculty Professional Development

     a. Professional Development Day

     b. Faculty achievements and honors

     c. Continuing education, professional activities

6.   Governance (Board of Regents, Administration, Department Chairs, Academic Council, etc.)

      a.  Organization plan and/or chart

      b.  Administration Curriculum Vitae (Board and Administration)

      c.  Faculty Senate, Academic Council, Department Chairs

       d. Academic Affairs and Standards

       e. Advisory Committees and Standing Committees

       f.  Student Organizations

       g. Open Forums

7.   Planning

       a. Master Facilities Plan

       b. Institutional Strategic Plan

       c. Departmental Strategic Plans

8.   Policies

       a. Board policy manuals

       b. Employee, student, and staff handbooks

       c. Departmental policies

       d. College catalogs for the time period being considered

        e. Relevant contracts

9.   Publications / Communications (Administration/Office of Academics)

        a.Dean's List

        b. President's List

        c. Public relations, press releases, PR,

        d. Office of Development

        e.  Staff newsletters

        f.  Student newsletters

10. Research

        a. Fact book data

        b. Profiles, etc.

11. Staff Data (Office of Academics, Human Resources)

        a. Continuing education reports

        b. Awards and recognitions

        c. Professional activities

        d. Applications, handbooks, etc.

12. Student Services & Policies (Office of Student Development)

        a. Academics

        b. Campus Life and events

        c. Finances, Scholarships, etc.

        d. Privacy

        e. Recruitment

        d. Preview Events

        f.  Orientations

        g. Student services

        h. Applications, forms, etc.

        i. Student handbooks

 13. Surveys and Statistics

        a. Cummunity climate surveys

        b. Student satisfaction surveys (Noel-Levitz)

        c. Student use and satifaction surveys (by department)

        d. Statistical reports


14. Self-Study (with specific by section evidence)

       Chapter 1- Introduction

       Chapter 2 - Federal compliance

       Chapter 3 - Criteria 1

       Chapter 4 - Criteria 2

       Chapter 5 - Criteria 3

       Chapter 6 - Criteria 4

       Chapter 7 - Criteria 5

       Chapter 8 - Summary

        Appendix - Institutional Snapshot