SCU Music Theatre Department to Perform Little Red Riding Hood

The Southwestern Christian University Music Theatre Department announces it’s plans to perform Little Red Riding Hood – A Children’s Opera. Targeting elementary children in the surrounding Bethany community, the performance hopes to portray a message of adolescent safety, paralleling various incidents that happen in today’s youth and those that the main character, Little Red Riding Hood, faces in the story. “I think this play will depict a wonderful message to the children who come to see it,” confirms SCU Music Director Ray Ballew. “There are numerous lessons all throughout the play that push safety for children. It would be a wonderful experience for any child of any age to observe these lessons.”

Four Southwestern Christian University students have a significant role in the show as well as one SCU graduate. Little Red Riding Hood will be played by Courtney Frederickson, Geordan Kanelopoulos as the woodsman, Karen Steffin as the mother, Lyndsay Light will be the grandmother, and Jamin Bishop will play the part of the wolf. Little Red Riding Hood is scheduled to be performed on Wednesday, November 3rd at 10 a.m, Thursday, November 4th at 7 p.m., and Friday, November 5th at 10 a.m.  The Thursday evening show is open to the public and will cost $3.00 per person. There will be no charge for the morning performances on Wednesday and Friday as they are designated for elementary schools wishing to bring students. All performances will be held in the Minchew Auditorium which is located on the Southwestern Christian University campus.

For more information on viewing a performance, please contact Kasey Gardner at 405.789.7661 x3459, or by email at