Southwestern Lifetime Legacy Society

Over the years our name has changed…Southwestern Pentecostal Holiness College, Southwestern College, Oklahoma City Southwestern College, Southwestern College of Christian Ministries and now, Southwestern Christian University. However, our mission has remained the same…a steadfast dedication to educating the next generation of leaders who will impact our world for Jesus Christ.

This fall will mark the sixty-fifth anniversary of a dream that began in 1946 in a former nightclub and mule barn on Northwest Tenth Street. Over the past 65 years, everyone who has attended Southwestern has not only taken memories when they leave, but has also left a small part of themselves behind. These legacies make Southwestern what it is today.

On July 26th, SCU held a special meal for a few individuals that have, and continue to, leave a lasting legacy at SCU.  A few of the scrolling pictures on the homepage are from that event.  The Lifetime Legacy Society will include a number of individuals who have left their mark on Southwestern.  This is a society that we will continue to add to in future years. 

"The legacy of your past established us, your current support affirms our present, and the legacy you leave tomorrow is the foundation upon which we will build our future."